Ujung Kulon Baduy Tribe Tour 5 Days


 Packages   5  Days
 Stars   Jakarta or Carita
 Boat Trips   Slow wooden boat/Fast boat
 Room   Lodge
 Price   Contact by email



Tour Itinerary :


We pick you up in Jakarta city at 6am for meeting service with our representative  than continue to (Baduy Tribe) to Ciboleger takes about 4 hours through passes hills, paddy field (Javanese agricultural) arrived at Ciboleger (the gate to Baduy tribe) directly trekking through villages of Baduy such us : Kadu Ketug, Kadu jangkung, Kadu Keter then tracking to Gajeboh villages passes the spectacular bamboo bridge, After lunch we continue for return back than stop over  to see view around the village ( to see they make cloth, wooden bag from skin. bracelets ect) Then continuing to Cigula crossing other bamboo bridge to Cicakal  we will stop over in Baduy lake than back to Ciboleger  - Carita. Overnight at Carita (free program)


After breakfast at 8am we depart by car (overland) to Sumur port passes through forest, hills, rice field arrived than  board the wooden boat (cruising) take 1.30 hour to Handeleum island in situated among a group of small island just off the north eastern coast of the Ujung kulon peninsula, on the way we will stop over at Badul island  coral reef for snorkeling to see a great diversity of coral and colorful tropical fish and other marine life (angelfish, surgeonfish, clownfish, batfish, butterfly fish etc,) lunch will be served on the boat, arrived in the afternoon than looking around the island, overnight at Fauna Eco at lodge, dinner will be served at 7pm. (free program)


After breakfast at 7am, Canoes trip up the Cigenter river meander through dense overhanging rain forest for 2 hours. The habitat of Python, hornbill, type of monkey where Crocodile and Rhino are occasionally sight in this area, the many types of monkey and bird life, hornbills, pythons and monitor lizards.  Jurassic Park stuff rain forest and trees that have fallen into the river. The rich colors of the place are so beautiful, and the strong tropical sun creates great pools of mottled light on the river's surface, back to the boat than continue (cruising) to Peucang island, lunch will be served on the boat. The unique and delightful Peucang island lies in clear blue water off the north western coastline of the National park. It is white sand beaches and coral reef shore hold ujung kulon trekkinga fascinating world marine life while Peucang is impressive forest shelter an abundance of wild life, on the way we will stop over at Nyawaan blue lagoon for swimming or snorkeling, arrived in the afternoon than continue to Cidaon situated on the peninsula opposite island, this large grassland for wild bulls, wildpig, peafowl, leopard etc, over night at Fauna Eco lodge or camping, dinner time will be served at 7pm (free program)


After  breakfast at 8am  taking the boat to Cibom than (trekking) the direct route to Ciramea travel through magnificence the lowland rainforest along the western tip of Ujung Kulon to Ciramea. This is the location of  a future guard post overlooking a beach  where the endangered green turtle lay eggs. Ciramea faces south west into the Indian Oceana, beautiful sand stone which are formed naturally can bee seen  that arise  from the sea surface (take 4 hours), back to Peucang island via passes Tanjung Layar  the historical site is a steep coral slope projecting toward the Indian Ocean and forming the western tip of Java, (lunch/rest) than continue to  Citerjun for snorkeling to see a great diversity of coral and colorful tropical fish and other marine life  "angelfish, surgeonfish, clownfish, batfish, butterfly fish, lionfish etc) overnight at Fauna Eco lodge or camping, dinner time will be served  at 7 pm (free program)


After breakfast at 8am we walk (trekking) north on Peucang island passes through towering forest to a rock archway beyond which are the reef pools of Karang Copong, where you can explore the beautiful of tropical forest and also to see kinds of animal at this area it  will take approxaround 3 hours, back than  continue (cruising) for return trip back to Sumur  port on the way we will stop over at Ciapus coral reef for snorkeling to see a great diversity of coral and colorful tropical fish and other marine life. Late afternoon back to Carita - Jakarta. End the trip


Service include :

Transportations, wooden boat,  accommodation at the lodge, meal (bf, ln, dn), coffe, tea, milk,  snack, fruits, cold soft drink, entrance  permits, snorkeling gear, Vegetarian food available on request expert guidance, aqua, all ground and sea transfers as  described in the program including private charter boat

Price excludes :

International/domestic airfare and airport tax
Alcohol and soft drinks
Personal travel Insurance
Gratuities to guide and crew

Boat facility :

All our boats are equipped with life jackets, navigation devices and are operated by a professional  crew. You will be accompanied by our English speaking guide

Remark :

The trip itinerary is very much dependent on the weather conditions and may make changes accordinge

What you have to bring :

light clothes like T-shirts and shorts (daytime)  long trousers and long sleeved shirts in bright colour (evening and night time),    One small backpack and comfortable boots for jungle  treks (additional sandals for  for explorer & observation treks)    light and warm socks,   raincoat, plastic or waterproof bag for your personal belongings,    hut, sunglasses, sun lotion, insect repellent, toilet paper,    camera, mobilphone and cards,   mosquitonet and flashlight, swimming suit and towel    personal medical kit and recommended medicine like anti diarrhea medicine, dehydration salt, aspirin and antibiotic

Tips for visitors

To avoid the adverse effect of severe heat, smear uncovered skin with sunblock and to protect your health, use antimosquito cream while traversing the forest.
Wear muted-color garments while watching animals in their habitat or grazing locations.
For safety's sake during a trip, every group of tourists is advised to use the services of a guide.
Don't disturb or feed wild animals in the national park, especially long-tailed macaques on Peucang island, which look so tame.
Don't throw rubbish in the park, but collect and take it back to the guest house or outside the park. Obey all regulations effective in the national park and also the local customs.



  # Enjoying the baduy traditional houses and the view of baduy land

 # Enjoying the last rain forest in Java the home of Javan Rhino in the world

 # Enjoying the expertise of some of Ujung Kulon’s finest guides & rangers

 # Great sightings of various kingfishers and heron species along the rivers

 # Trekking & camping deep inside the core zone of Ujung Kulon National Park

 # Seeing over 33 species of Mammals (* = heard or signs only)

 # Seeing over 141 species of birds throughout including Green Peafowl & Elegant Pitta (* = heard or signs only)

 # Spotlighing banteng, Sunda leopard cat & Javan mousedeer along the river banks

 # Canoeing down the river where more Javan rhinos have been seen than anywhere

 # Enjoying  snorkeling to see trofical colourfull fish of Ujung Kulon NP

 # Enjoying  boat transfers around the stunning coastline of Ujung Kulon NP