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We invite you to browse our site for classic tours and active adventures at Ujung Kulon National Park lies on the extreme south-western tip of Java, so that you will be able to see exciting places such as those pictured above and below. Enjoy the famous sites, as well as little-known jewels waiting to be discovered. You will find many exciting options deep in the Ujung Kulon areas of Java, Our Nature and Adventure tours are designed to learn about the great biodiversity of flora and fauna that exist in the Ujung Kulonn rainforest , living a true adventure. Ujung Kulon Trek are specially designed for people who want a full adrenaline experience is an exciting tour that combines adventure activities and nature expeditions in the Ujung Kulon Rainforest. Where you desire may be to simple relax and unwind on our tropical island beach, while you enjoy a refreshing drink and soak up an amazing red sunset of the park and if the trill of discovery is your desire, our professional team will guide you to explored the wonder of Ujung Kulon through canoeing, trekking, beaches, rainf forest, blue lagoon, cruising or snorkeling through school of fish over vividly colorful unspoiled coral garden, experience the fine sea food cuisine and friendly nature of the park or after watching the last of the sun dip down into the Indian Ocean, relax around an open fire with a seafood BBQ or take a stroll along the beach and sample some enjoy the night by dancing around the bonfire and gazing at the stars..

Our passion for traveling the world is equaled by our commitment to preserving the places we visit. Protecting the world’s wild places and fostering the positive benefits of tourism is built into the DNA of our company. Check out our operating standards, partnerships with NGOs, and community grants programs for details. Rest assured that every component of your trip has been researched and selected to support wild land preservation, provide local people a sustainable livelihood and protect the unique character of the places we travel

The most way to experience Adventure

We Black Rhino Ecotrek deal largely in ecotourism & adventure travel with based office in Sumur viilage an border to the Ujung Kulon, but for us adventures are not just the rugged kind. An adventure can take many forms and need involve little that is overly strenuous - to us every trip is a voyage of discovery and hence an adventure. The guiding philosophy behind each is that the trip be environmentally friendly and sustainable. This means impacting as little as possible on the peoples and places we visit, always respecting the distinctiveness and special qualities of each. The way we do it must be environmentally-friendly as well as economically and physically efficient. This means we trek, cook, camp and shows you more of the things with care and attentions. We use mechanized transport when we have to cover long distances in limited time; even so, we use local modes of transportation as far as possible to maximize exposure to the local lifestyles and to get close to the people. As a consequence, during the tours there is a lot of opportunity to learn about and from the indigenous peoples. We’re pretty sure you’ve been very busy working a second job to save up for your big adventure, you’re focused, you’re motivated, you’re doing everything in your power to make sure your adventure is the trip of a lifetime. So now it’s time to put together your bucket list. Here is your bible, your peoples destination shrine. Read on to learn about each tropical, sparse, wildlife, jungle, volcano, under water, cultural, magical, blissful, plentiful and down right wonderful people destination. You’re welcome.

Wildlife and Beauty of Nature

We did a 4 days cruising tour to TN Ujung Kulon arranged by Ujung Kulon Wild It was an excellent trip. Everything was properly arranged and our guide was great. The weather during our trip was really good so we can truly enjoy every activities that have been arranged. Boat trip, snorkeling, some peaceful time at Handeleum island, continued with canoeing through the forest. We also came to a grassland at Cidaon and spotted some wild bulls, peacocks and wild boars. We stayed at Fauna Eco Lodge in Peucang island. There's a wide field in the middle of the complex where boars, deers and monkeys are free roaming around.This part of the island, where the lodge located, has gorgeous white beach with calm clear water, perfect for swimming. We also walked to the north of the island through the forest where you can find giant trees and wild animals. The north shore is different, directly facing the ocean where the wave breaks on the reef.It was just an amazing experience. Next time perhaps we have to stay a bit longer to enjoy more of the natural park.. Comment from : Davis Robin" <> (German 2018)

Jungle Trekking Tour

Visited the Ujung Kulon, it was our second trip with them and both were excellent. We canoed and hiked into the jungle, spotting pythons, monitors and huge day time flying bats - awesome. The small islands are remote and unspoited, the company took us, with guides, into the jungle and along amazing beaches. The safari type accomodation is good, not plush, but the food was amazing.. Overall, this place is awesome. I enjoy the view, blue sky and white sand and blue water. If you want to snorkeling you have to bring your own equipment or rent at sumur harbour.After some more snorkelling near a tiny island and a long boat ride back, we returned to the heavy traffic of Jakarta. In summary, this was a fantastic experience being immersed in a relatively pristine area of the very crowded place that is the western end of Java. Our guide was exceptional: Comment from : Florence Stella" <> (Holland 2019)

Back To Nature At Ujung Kulon

We did a 4D/3N tour to Ujung Kulon and Krakatau. The trip was arranged through Ujung Kulon Trek. The tour was well run and met up to our expectations. He arranged everything so all we had to do was get on the boat and enjoy ourselves. Lodging, food, guides, camping gear was all provided. Having a boat available to take us around the park made the experience especially fun. The park itself was amazing. We had no idea there was any pristine conservation areas left in Java. The water was crystal clear and we had excellent opportunities for snorkelling. The peace and quiet was amazing as there are no vehicles other than boats. We had an outstanding vacation with our 2 teenage sons. I highly recommend visiting these parks as part of a tour. We were able to do so much in such a short time. This isn't a park that is easy to get around without a boat. Comment from : Greamy Jhon" <> (Belgium 2020)