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UjungKulonTrek provide and marketing by Black Rhino Ecotrek is a local licensed tour operator based in Sumur, Pandeglang, Banten, Indonesia one of the main get to National Park, supported by Indonesia and Banten Tourism Board. ISO Certified with more than 20 years' experience in the tourism arena, our team here at Ujung Kulon Trek Tours are made up of travel enthusiasts, avid thrill-seekers, adrenaline-junkies, beach-frolics and specialists of adventure and discovery. We aim to educate and surprise our guests with Ujung Kulon's untouched and conserved natural wonders and are focused on helping our guests customize their own travel packages and experience.

INTEGRITY We aspire to maintain the highest standards of integrity through an ethically unyielding foundation based on honesty, inspiring trust, and understanding. Honesty in admitting mistakes, mutual trusts to uphold harmony within our working environment, and the understanding of individualistic characters of our employees. As advocates of sustainable eco-tourism, we honor the well-being of our environment through the power of information and sustainable efforts to preserve and conserv

ATTITUDE A positive and optimistic mindset in our employees is needed to embrace the core values we uphold. We encourage each and every employee to set an example by being role models with honorable strong values. Mutual respect is crucial, as we believe that respect is gained only after it is given. When problems arise, we foster an attitude of responsibility by the 'I am responsible for Ujung Kulon Trek' approach, with the question, 'What would I do if I was in charge?' We analyze the facts to determine ways to avoid similar problems in the future.

COMMITMENT Employee commitment is the very essence that fuels the success of this company. Through a genuine commitment to one another, to the organization and to individual duties, our employees embody loyalty, responsibility, leadership and accountability.

COMMUNICATION Solid organizational communication is essential in the development of our employees and workplace culture. We believe that an open, honest and free-flowing form of communication is the very basis which eliminates barriers and resolves problems.

TEAMWORK Our values have fostered a collaborative culture steeped in teamwork and employee involvement. We put high significance in maintaining a bond primarily based on the mutual trust and sincere cooperation among employees, that is what we believe makes up an extraordinary team. These coordinated efforts play a vital role in getting things accomplished. We practice an open door policy which encourages interaction, discussion and the exchange of ideas to improve the work environment and increase productivity.


As our travelling guests discover the treasure coves of the mountains, experience the tranquility of the waters, and are welcome by the hospitality of Ujung Kulon 's warm and friendly people, they are able to appreciate and help protect and preserve the natural environment, which it may otherwise be destroyed. When holidaying with Ujung Kulon Trek, visitors get to share our culture and environment. Our guests will not only leave Sabah with an unforgettable experience, but also with an enriched mind filled with knowledge and happiness that will be etched for a long time... This is really what travel and touring is all about. Vision Our vision is to be the best tour company to work for in Indonesia. Tourism is a meaningful career as it improves the lives of the local community and bring happiness to both locals and tourists alike. Our vision is put into action through creating an extraordinary working environment where each and every individual can unleash their potential and passion, receive constant education and people development and achieving the ability to adapt to changing trends. Our goals The primary goals of Ujung Kulon Trek are to live our mission statement, strive to gain the respect and trust of our guests, and continue to be a leader in the tourism industry. We achieve this through dedicated hard work and commitment from each and every individual of our unified team members.

WHY TRAVEL WITH US There are no magic formulas to success, we just simply embrace the core values that we uphold. These values are the pillars that we built our success on, and act as a guide that govern us in pursue of our mission and vision. Your satisfaction is significant to our success. As we continue to hear you, we uses your insight to enhance the quality and service of our tours and the overall experience. Our success is not measured by how much we make our sales, but on our customer satisfaction rating, to which we remind ourselves and share to our team daily. Travel is important to remind us of our shared humanity, whether you're exploring the exotics or being immersed in Ujung Kulon's enchanting culture, our passion enables us to go beyond the norm when it comes to travel planning. Leave the details and designing to us, holidays are supposed to be stress-free after all.All reservations will be processed if you confirm your reservation via email and will be responded no later than 24 hours.Should you make any modification on your detail email us personal data and fli ghts schedule, you are responsible to inform us immediat


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